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Follow the path that skirts the Library Terrace into a lush, densely planted Asia zone containing statuary, several ponds, and a thick bamboo grove. Camellias and peonies, water plants, irises, hydrangeas, Japanese cherry and magnolia trees, dwarf conifers, and many other species of plants are all around you. Watch the ponds for mallards or a lone egret, and please don't feed the squirrels! Photos from this zone can be viewed here.

0209sfbg09may16z13 Nymphaea
'Marliacea Comanche'
2009-MAY-16, bed 23f
0210sfbg09may16z13 Nymphaea
'James Brydon'
2009-MAY-16, bed 23f
0211sfbg09may16z13 Nymphaea
'Marliacea Albida'
2009-MAY-16, bed 23f
0206sfbg09may16z13 Rosa aff. davidii

2009-MAY-16, bed 7a
0207sfbg09may16z13 Paeonia 'Bartzella'

2009-MAY-16, bed 10c
0208sfbg09may16z13 Paeonia 'Scarlet Heaven'

2009-MAY-16, bed 10c
0203sfbg09may10z13 Nymphaea
'James Brydon'
2009-MAY-10, bed 23f
0204sfbg09may10z13 Nymphaea
'Marliacea Chromatella'
2009-MAY-10, bed 18d
0205sfbg09may10z13 Helianthemum nummularium
2009-MAY-10, bed 18c
0200sfbg09may10z13 Davidia involucrata
dove tree
2009-MAY-10, bed 41c
0201sfbg09may10z13 Camellia 'Scentsation'

2009-MAY-10, bed 41f
0202sfbg09may10z13 Camellia
'Tomorrow's Tropic Dawn'
2009-MAY-10, bed 41f
0165sfbg09apr18z13 Weigela florida 'Variegata'

2009-APR-18, bed 4a
0156sfbg09apr16z13 Musa basjoo
Japanese fiber banana
2009-APR-16, bed 10a
0155sfbg09apr16z13 Phyllostachys nigra 'Bora'
snakeskin bamboo
2009-APR-16, bed 23a
0154sfbg09apr16z13 Lamiastrum galeabdolon
yellow archangel
2009-APR-16, bed 41f
0153sfbg09apr16z13 Syringa vulgaris 'Nadezhda'
French lilac
2009-APR-16, bed 41d
0124sfbg09apr04z13 Rhododendron 'Pluto'

2009-APR-04, bed 10c
0051sfbg09mar17z13 Sayornis nigricans
black phoebe
2009-MAR-17, bed 18d
0098sfbg09mar27z13 Metasequoia glyptostroboides
dawn redwood
2009-MAR-27, 41c
0103sfbg09mar30z13 Sayornis nigricans
black phoebe
2009-MAR-30, bed 21a
0013sfbg09feb08z13 Berberis wilsoniae

2009-FEB-08, bed 23b
0049sfbg09mar17z13 Paeonia rockii
Rock's tree paeony
2009-MAR-17, bed 10c
0050sfbg09mar17z13 Anas platyrhynchos
2009-MAR-17, bed 18d
0006sfbg09feb08z13 Camellia 'Bob's Tinsie'

2009-FEB-08, bed 41i
0006sfbg09feb08z13 Hypericum androsaemum
St. Johnswort
2009-FEB-08, bed 41h
0008sfbg09feb08z13 Idesia polycarpa
iigiri tree
2009-FEB-08, bed 23a
0009sfbg09feb08z13 Phyllostachys nigra 'Bora'
snakeskin bamboo
2009-FEB-08, bed 23a
0011sfbg09feb08z13 Metasequoia glyptostroboides
dawn redwood
2009-FEB-08, bed 41c
0012sfbg09feb08z13 Caltha palustris
yellow marshmarigold
2009-FEB-08, bed 41d

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