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The Redwood Trail is a roughly circular area of 100-year-old redwood trees. Even on sunny days this part of the Botanical Garden is cool, moist, and shady. It seems far away from civilization and could even be in a different century. Wood chip paths meander among streams, ground cover, and massive conifer trees. Be sure to walk the Redwood Trail on your way to or from the Succulent Garden just to the west of it.

0080sfbg09mar27z08 Sequoia sempervirens
2009-MAR-27, bed 48j
0081sfbg09mar27z08 Tolmiea menziesii
piggyback plant
2009-MAR-27, bed 48l
0082sfbg09mar27z08 Oxalis oregana
redwood sorrel
2009-MAR-27, bed 48e

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