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California Garden

One of six gardens devoted to plants that grow in Mediterranean climates, the California Garden is a dense, colorful collection of native flowering shrubs and trees. Don't miss the sprawling California Buckeye tree, California Poppies, and the five-foot Matilija Poppy, which blooms from May to July. This garden is scheduled for expansion within the next two years. Photos from this zone can be viewed here.

0241sfbg09may25z07 [Genus and species unknown]
2009-May-25; bed 34c
0242sfbg09may25z07 Romneya coulteri
matilija poppy
2009-MAY-25; bed 40f
0243sfbg09may25z07 [Genus and species unknown]
2009-MAY-25; bed 34c
0163sfbg09apr18z07 Ranunculus californicus
California buttercup
2009-APR-18; bed 34a
0212sfbg09may16z07 Rana draytonii
California red-legged frog
2009-MAY-16; bed 34a
0240sfbg09may25z07 Aesculus californica
California buckeye
2009-MAY-25; bed 34b
0162sfbg09apr18z07 Darmera peltata

2009-APR-18; bed 31a
0161sfbg09apr18z07 Rhododendron occidentale
western azelea
2009-APR-18; bed 31a
0160sfbg09apr18z07 Limnanthes douglasii ssp.douglassii
2009-APR-18; bed 31a
0159sfbg09apr18z07 Apis mellifera
honey bee
2009-APR-18; bed 31d
0152sfbg09apr16z07 Heracleum lanatum
cow parsnip
2009-APR-18; bed 34a
0125sfbg09apr05z07 Cornus nuttalii 'Pilgrim'
pacific dogwood
2009-APR-05, bed 39b
0122sfbg09apr04z07 Iris douglasiana
Douglas iris
2009-APR-04; bed 34c
0123sfbg09apr04z07 Coreopsis gigantea
giant coreopsis
2009-APR-04; bed 34e
0134sfbg09apr05z07 Fremontodendron californicum
flannel bush
2009-APR-05; bed 40a
0102sfbg09mar30z07 Trillium chloropetalum
giant trillium
0108sfbg09apr04z07 Eschscholzia californica
California poppy
2009-APR-04; bed 40a
0110sfbg09apr04z07 Layia platyglossa
tidy tips
2009-APR-04; bed 40a
0014sfbg09feb08z07 Arctostaphylos stanfordiana
Stanford's manzanita
2009-FEB-08, bed 31c
0016sfbg09feb08z07 Garrya elliptica
coast silk-tassel
2009-FEB-08; bed 35b
0017sfbg09feb08z07 Aesculus californica
California buckeye
2009-FEB-08; bed 34b

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